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Artist Bio

Always intrigued by the depth of emotion & the stories in one's eyes... the inner workings, the life it has endured & all it holds beneath the skin. Whether it be a person, or an animal... each has an individual unique expression & personality ~ that is what I strive to capture in my portraits.

My work primarily runs along the line of Figurative/Realism, however in recent years I've delved into the Abstract Expressionism style as well. These pieces are purely based on emotion & instinct.  Originally, this style  started  out as just  a therapeutic  outlet, but has since become an enjoyable, regular part of my creative process. Both styles are reflected in the gallery.  

 I'm  an active member of both  Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood Gallery, and the Richmond Hill Group of Artists at Mill Pond Gallery.

I live & work out of my home studio in the diverse & vibrant city of Toronto in beautiful Canada; along wth my amazing son & fabulous feline! 

Thank you so much for visiting my website.... your support is greatly appreciated!

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Gallery Shows

Past & Present Exhibits


  • Sunnybrook Hospital ~ July 30th thru Sept 6th, 2019 ~ RHGA Art Show ~Toronto, Ontario

  • VAM at Riverwood Gallery ~ June 3rd -23rd, 2019 ~ I Love Riverwood Group Show- Mississauga, Ontario

  • Mill Pond Gallery ~ May 18th thru May 26th 2019 ~ Spring Fling Show ~Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • Mill Pond Gallery ~ May 11th & 12th, 2019 ~ Open Door Show ~ Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • VAM at Riverwood Gallery ~May 6th thru May 17th 2019 ~  Lets Think Spring Show 2019 ~ Mississauga, Ontario

  • VAM at Riverwood Gallery ~ March 22nd thru March 31st ,2019 ~ 41st Annual Juried Show ~ Mississauga, Ontario

  • Art Square Gallery ~ Dec 5th thru Dec 16th 2018 ~ Anonymous Art Show / Art for Cancer Foundation ~ Toronto, Ontario

  • The Mill Pond Gallery ~ November 24/25 & Dec 1/2 2018 ~ Small Treasures Group Show ~ Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • Yellow House Gallery ~ June 22nd thru August 2018 ~ Canadiana 151 Show ~ The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario

  • The Mill Pond Gallery ~ May thru September  2018~ "The Rose Project"  / 40th Anniversary Outdoor Art Installation ~ Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • The Mill Pond Gallery ~ May 19th  -27th 2018 ~ "Spring Fling Members Show" ~ Richmond Hill Ontario

  • Visual Arts of Mississauga ~  March 21st - 29th, 2018 ~ Members Show & Sale ~ Mississauga, Ontario

  • Yellow House Gallery ~ November 18th, 2017 thru January 20th, 2018 ~  Snowflakes Show ~The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario

  • The Mill Pond Gallery ~  Nov 4th - Nov 12th, 2017  RHGA Juried Art Show & also Nov 25th - Dec 3rd ~ "Small Treasures" Show / Richmond Hill, Ontario 


  • Super Wonder Gallery ~ Reversion 2017 ~September 2017 ~Toronto/Little Italy

  • Cobalt Gallery ~  Canada 150 Show ~July thru September 2017~The Beaches ~Toronto 

  • Yellow House Gallery ~ Canada 150 Show ~July thru August 2017~ The Beaches ~Toronto 

  • Visual Arts Mississauga / VAM ~ 40th Anniversary Members Show ~ March 2017  ~ Mississauga, Ontario

  • Articulations/Earl Selkirk Gallery ~ Curio Box Show ~ December 2016 ~ Toronto, Ontario

  • Spazio Dell' Arte Gallery ~ (2010) Toronto, Ontario

  • Springville Museum of Art ~ (1992) ~ Springville, Utah

Pieces Currently on Exhibit