Being an abstract painter, my inspiration to create comes from the learning procedures of my own emotions, feelings, life lessons, and my observations in life. These are mirrored in my vivid color selection in striking ways, putting together equally powerful colors next to each other on canvas. In my abstract world, in the creation process I dance with my brush using big canvas movements that results in bonding infinite lines crossing each other’s path. I use mainly oil medium, because that resembles the best my way of thinking in life, which is shiny, extravagant, lurid and deep, and needing time to develop like the characteristic of the media of oil paint need the most time to dry and exfoliate. I allow myself to freely experiment with different styles from almost figurative to vague abstract, because I believe that the key of development is in the ability to be ready to the only constant in life, which is the change itself, and I try to reflect this ongoing never -ending process in my paintings.

One of my collections portrays the beauty I find in nature such as birds, fishes, creatures living in the water; in others, I convey the beauty of the human nature and temperament with mostly domineering tentative energy force like seduction, fire, passion.

In general, my paintings are positivist.

Theodóra Sebestyén – painter

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