Random Info!

Limited Edition Prints!


Prints/Gyclees of the Owl Series will be available soon!

Hand Painted River Rocks!


Along with paintings on canvas... I dabble in painted rocks as well! I've been painting my days away with these one of a kind, little painted stones! Very affordable mini masterpieces... great for gift giving, memorial rocks or just a funky desk object/paper weight! I can also  customize! More details to follow.... 

Art For Cancer Foundations "Anonymous Art Show & Sale"


 Proud to be a part of this wonderful show. This year there are over 160 participating artists & close to 400  pieces of art for sale at $100 each. 

I wonder if you can tell which one is mine? None of the artwork has a signature on the front! 

Show will be at Art Square Gallery (across from the AGO) Dec 5th thru Dec 16th.

For more information visit:  www.artforcancerfoundation.org

Richmond Hill Group of Artists ~ Outdoor Art Installation "The Rose Project"


Very honored to be a participating artist for the 

Richmond Hill "Rose Project"  outdoor art installation. 

After May 12th, these roses  are planted around the gardens at the Mill Pond Gallery until the Culture Day weekend in September! 

Come check out these beautiful works of art in an amazing outdoor setting.... 

9th Annual Robert W. Holmes Golf Tournament

SOLD @ 9th Annual Robert W. Holmes Memorial Golf Tournament August 25th for Sick Kids Hospital! :D

This painting was donated for auction with all proceeds given to the Critical Care Unit at Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, in memory of Rob Holmes. 

Held at the Cardinal Golf Club on August 25th, 2018. 

 For More Information 

Please Contact Bill Holmes rwhannualgolf@gmail.com 

 @RWH_Golf, facebook.com/AnnualRWHGolf